“The five fingers can change the whole universe”

In 1978, MES Pattambi took its first flight from thatched classroom with five students to the countless till today .The school has reached to immeasurable heights gaining reputation. To add more colours, by 1995, our school became the first digitalized school with fully digitalized classrooms.

In 2007, Montessori system was introduced and it’s continuing as great success with innovative Montessori methodology of teaching.

In 2013, our school was crowned internationally and was recognized as MES International School Pattambi.

To uplift our school to the international level and more we are not just concentrating on technology but also giving due concern to the all round development of the students .In Academics our students excel with the continual support and solicit presence of par- excellent facilitators.

Health and hygiene is not far away from us .we acquired sanitation award in the year 2012 and we are still keeping up the standard of CLEAN and SAFE campus. We have number of sanitation engineers who are always at service.

The upcoming era is techno- savvy and as technology is at finger tips, soon our school will be textbook free campus from the year 2016-17.With the time we are keeping pace with the new educational technology and that is what our school has proved. We are indeed honored to be the number one textbook free campus.

“Our heavenly garden has myriad vibrant flowers that blossom to live and let others live through its fragrance “

My best wishes to all.