Tablet Friendly Campus

Extramark tablets are introduced in classes VIII to XII , to help students focus better , learn faster and remember longer. A student's very own Any Time , Any Where Class room ! A completely new concept to make the after School learning as engaging and enjoyable as it could ever be . Extramarks live embedded Tablets allow students to comprehend lessons at their own pace & space and empowers them to bridge the gap between in class and after class learning. A device that doesn't need internet connection and gets going to showcase its leading egde curriculum based modules.

24x7 ATM facility

The facility of ATM counter is provided inside the campus for the convenience of the parents as well as the staff of the school. Federal bank and Axis bank have tied up with our school and is providing us with solution which will free the parents to handle the fee submissions hassle free. They will be providing the E-FEE Module , E-PAY Mode, MFEE & ECS Banking facility .

Medical Assisstance & Counseling

Students Counseling is provided to help in dealing with common learning problems in children. Trained Student Welfare Officer helps to resolve emotional, psychological and career related problems in children . A full time qualified medical assisstant helps cater the health need of our students .

Radio Station

We have introduced School Radio Station exclusively for students - "HEART BEATS- THE WAVES OF MES " run by the students and for the students which will help to build an inclusive atmosphere in the school. Radio is all about communication , and running a radio show successfully , takes commitement and teamwork . Radio is about speaking and listening . It gives an oppertunity to devolop scheduling and organisational skills , speaking and listening .

Digital Library

Our School Library , a treasure room , a hunt for avid readers , has more than 11,000 and more than 3000 available in E-Book format. Information Desk ( KIOSK ) The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) services is available ny which the readers can search for the status of books .

School Cinema

School Cinema is a film based learning modul compined with fun and esciting workbook to reaffirm values , moral and equip children with skills to deal with every day challenges . Of fine blend of entertainment and education , it uses a language that children are familiar with. It also acts as a training aid for teachers and enhane their self and proffessional devolopment , in addition to bring parents into the cirlcle of learning through specially creating films on parenting.

Smart Schoool Diary

The Smart School Diary enables an effective and continous communication between teachers and the parents, thus enables a strong positive relation which inturn helps to built the bright future of the students . Perfect communications between school and parents in the following ways :-

  • Replacing diaries with Mobile Applications .
  • Teacher Authenticated Absent alert .
  • Communications during vacations and harthals
  • Portions coverd on day for every subjects
  • Bus starting time alert (morning and evening )
  • Available across all smartphones and non-smartphones
  • School circulars, Mark sheets , Fess statements , Exam schedules available all in the parents mobiles
  • NRIs can also avail this facility (SSD service charges will be Rs.6 per day for NRI parents) and for parents other than NRI , daily one rupee will be charged against SSD services

CCTV & Broad Casting System

Closed circuit cameras are installed in all classrooms , labs , library , office and school compounds which is visible to the Administrator, Principal, Vice-Principals and Head Mistress which helps in maintaining the discipline in the classrooms even in the absence of a teacher. The Principal can also communicate with the students simultaniously sitting in her cabin .