General Conditions


1.      Admission is made without any distinction of religion, caste, race, place of birth, social status, etc. Normally admission is done at the beginning of the academic year. The Principal has the discretion to decide on admission.

2.      A student seeking admission to any class will be eligible if he/she:

has been studying in an ENGLISH MEDIUM school recognized by/affiliated to the CBSE/ICSE or any other state/Union territory.

ü  Has passed the qualifying and equivalent exams making him eligible for admission to that class.

ü  Satisfies the requirement of age limit.

ü  Produces Transfer Certificate (TC) signed by the Head of the institution last attended and counter signed by the Education authorities (State/CBSE/ICSE).

ü  Documents (Original Report Card) in support of having passed the qualifying exam.

3.      No student shall be admitted in any class if he or she is/has been expelled from any school/board.

4.      No student shall be admitted to any subsequent higher class unless he has completed the regular course of study of the class to which he/she was admitted at the beginning of the academic session, and has passed the exam at the end of the academic session, qualifying his/her promotion to the next higher class.

5.      In no case shall a student be admitted to a class higher than that for which he/she is entitled according to the T.C.


Admission Procedure :-


a.      No students shall be admitted unless an application in the prescribed form signed by his/her parents/guardian has been submitted.

b.      The parent/guardian must state the date of birth of the child in the application form and the same must be supported by a Birth Certificate from the Panchayat/Local authority. No change in the date of birth shall be entertained later. Parent/guardian must be careful with regard to the child’s name indicated in the application form.

c.      If a student comes under SC/ST/OBC etc. category, the parent/guardian must produce a certificate stating the same from the Panchayat/Local authority.

d.      Every application for admission is filed and forms part of the permanent record of the school.

e.      Entry in the rolls – A newly admitted student shall have his name entered in the rolls of the school on the date at which first attended the class after making payments of all specified dues.

f.       Admission numbers shall be allotted to students on their admission and each student must retail this number till he/she leaves the school. In case of withdrawal (TC) and re-admission a new admission number would be given.

g.      Caution Deposit – Caution deposit is charged only from Class XI (Science) student which is refundable without interest at the time of leaving the school.

h.      For any willful misrepresentation of facts by the parent/guardian/student, the Principal has the discretion to punish the student.


Admission to Montessori– A child seeking admission to Montessori (pre-primary) should have completed 31/2 years of age as on 1st June of the year. Registration for Montessori Pre-Primary begins in the first week of January. Along with the original Birth Certificate, a copy of the same, a passport size photo of the child seeking admission should also be brought.


Admission to Montessori Primary Grade I, II & III– For admission to Montessori Primary Grade I, the child should have completed 51/2 years of age as on 1st June of the year. For other classes the corresponding age limit will be maintained.


Admission to other classesAdmission to other classes is done on the basis of existing vacancies and on the basis of merit at the time of admission test. Candidates seeking admission have to appear for an entrance test based on the syllabus of the previous classes (or the current class in the case of very late admission). Successful candidates will be called for interview before admission. Admission test will be conducted in Maths, Science, English and Malayalam/Hindi for classes VII to IX.


Admission to class IXNo student shall be admitted to class IX unless he has passed class VIII of a recognized English Medium School. Along with the TC and Conduct Certificate the candidate has to produce a certificate of having passed the third language in Class VIII.


Admission to Class XI– Admission to class XI begins after the declaration of the Class X Board exam results. Parents /Guardians/Students must purchase the Prospectus and the Application form for Class XI from the Office store for the criteria of marks and for the allotment of different groups in Class XI.