Academic Glances:

Board Examination for class X and XII

Examination is a test of what one has learnt in the past. It tries to find out the depth of knowledge of the examinee through an organized test. It helps one to recapitulate his depth of knowledge.

"Good Luck On Your Exam Give Your Best Shot On It "

Class 10 Board Exam date sheet

Date/Day Subject
06/03/2018 Tuesday Hindi
12/03/2018 Monday English
16/03/2018 FridayScience
19/3/2018 Monday Arabic
20/03/2018 Tuesday Malayalam
22/03/2018 Thursday Social Science
28/03/2018 WednesdayMathematics

Class 12 Board Exam date sheet

Date/Day Subject
05/03/2018 Monday English
07/03/2018 Wednesday Physics
09/03/2018 FridayBussiness Studies
13/3/2018 Tuesday Chemistry
15/03/2018 Thursday Accountancy
19/03/2018 Monday Arabic
20/03/2018 Tuesday History
21/03/2018 WednesdayMathematics
23/03/2018 FridayInformatics Practices/Computer
26/03/2018 MondayEconomics
27/03/2018 TuesdayBiology
02/04/2018 MondayHindi
03/04/2018 TuesdayMalayalam
06/04/2018 FridayPolitical science
13/04/2018 FridayPhysical Education

Exam timetable for class IV to IX

13/03/2018 Tuesday ----------- ----------- Mathematics General Science Mathematics Social Science
15/03/2018 Thursday Mathematics English Malayalam Hindi Mal/Ara English
17/03/2018 Saturday English Mathematics Social Science Mathematics Hindi General Science
19/03/2018 Monday Hindi EVS English Malayalam Social Science Mathematics
21/03/2018 Wednesday Malayalam Hindi Hindi Social Science English ---------
24/03/2018 Saturday EVS Malayalam General Science English General Science Mal/Ara/Hin
26/03/2018 Monday IS/MS IS/MS IS/MS IS/MS IS/MS IS/MS